Wills, trusts and probates

Due to the potential complexity of Will and Estate situations these days, as well as the constant amendments to relevant legislation, it is important to get sound, professional advice in order to ensure that not only are your assets protected but that they will be distributed in accordance with your wishes in the event of your passing.

With Mint Legal Brisbane, you will receive the benefit of our years of experience and commitment to providing superior Client Service.

  • We will save you time, money and stress.
  • We are available to meet with you at our office, via video conference or teleconference.
  • We simplify jargon and give you control through our professional advice.
  • We can help mediate solutions.

We understand that the quality of our work is a critical factor in earning your trust, so we strive to meet the highest professional standards.

Our lawyers has many years experience in dealing with Wills and Estate matters. From drafting Wills and providing Estate Planning advice, to assisting executor's in administering a deceased estate and assisting to contest a Will, we are able to provide professional and compassionate service across these and other related areas.

Will trusts and probates. Succession planning. Conveyancing. Family law.