2024 Queensland Public Holidays to Know Before Entering Property Transactions

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Jun 07, 2024By Mint Legal Brisbane

When planning property transactions in Queensland, it is important to consider public holidays. These holidays can affect timelines and availability of services. Knowing these dates in advance can help you avoid delays and ensure a smooth process.

Why Public Holidays Matter

Public holidays can impact various aspects of property transactions. Government offices, banks, and other essential services may be closed. This can delay the processing of documents and payments. Being aware of these dates helps you plan better.

Additionally, property inspections and meetings with legal professionals may need to be rescheduled. This can cause inconvenience and extend the time needed to complete a transaction.

calendar dates

  • Australia Day: Friday, 26 January
  • Good Friday: Friday, 29 March
  • Easter Monday: Monday, 1 April
  • Anzac Day: Thursday, 25 April
  • Labour Day: Monday, 6 May
  • Queen's Birthday: Monday, 7 October
  • Christmas Day: Wednesday, 25 December
  • Boxing Day: Thursday, 26 December

Local Holidays

In addition to these state-wide holidays, some regions have local holidays. For example, Brisbane has the Ekka Public Holiday, which falls on Wednesday, 14 August. Check the local holidays in your area to avoid any surprises.

local festival

This ensures that all parties involved are available and can proceed without interruptions.

If you need to make payments, consider doing so a few days before a public holiday. This helps avoid any banking delays and ensures your transaction moves forward smoothly.

Legal Assistance

Our law firm can help you navigate property transactions around public holidays. We provide guidance to ensure you meet all deadlines and avoid any potential issues. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

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For your peace of mind, plan accordingly to achieve your property goals without unnecessary stress.