Can I Hide What I Purchased the Property For in Queensland? Explained

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Feb 28, 2024By Mint Legal Brisbane

Purchasing property often raises questions about privacy and confidentiality, particularly concerning the disclosure of purchase details. Many individuals wonder if they can conceal the purchase price or their ownership details from the public eye. In this article, we’ll delve into the regulations, processes, and possibilities surrounding these inquiries.

Understanding Disclosure Regulations

Property transactions fall under the purview of governmental departments, which are bound by specific regulations regarding disclosure of purchase details. In the case of the Department of Resources (DOR), the sale price of any property within its records cannot be suppressed. This mandate is established under the Land Valuation Act 2010.

The Role of the Department of Resources

The Department of Resources is tasked with maintaining accurate records of property transactions. These records serve various purposes, including preventing property fraud and facilitating informed decisions for both vendors and purchasers.

Suppression Direction Application

While the sale price cannot be concealed, individuals can apply for a Suppression Direction regarding personal information. This application is submitted to the Valuer-General and aims to exclude personal details such as name and address from publicly available records.

Licensing and Data Access

The DOR grants licenses to commercial information brokers/resellers to access its valuation and sales data. These entities, such as CoreLogic RPDdata, enhance and distribute the data to the real estate industry and other companies. However, any dissemination of information is subject to contractual restrictions.

Impact on Privacy

Despite the inability to suppress sales information, landowners have the option to request suppression of their name and service address from commercial data brokers. This measure aims to mitigate the identification of property ownership and associated sale prices.

Application Process

Individuals seeking confidentiality can pursue suppression of their information through formal channels. The process involves submitting applications and supporting documents to the relevant authorities.

Suppression Form Submission

Applicants can utilize approved forms provided by the department to apply for suppression of personal details. These submissions must be accompanied by a statutory declaration outlining the reasons for the request.

Direct Contact with Data Brokers

Alternatively, property owners can directly engage with participating bulk data brokers to request the removal of their sale price from records. However, compliance with such requests remains at the discretion of the brokers.

In conclusion, while complete confidentiality regarding property purchase details may not be attainable, measures exist to safeguard personal information and limit public access to certain records. By understanding the regulatory framework and available avenues for suppression, individuals can navigate property transactions with greater awareness and control over their privacy.

Unique FAQs

1. Can I completely hide the sale price of my property?
While you cannot suppress the sale price from official records, you can request the suppression of your name and address from commercial data brokers’ records.

2. How long does the suppression process typically take?
The duration varies depending on procedural factors and the volume of requests received by the relevant authorities.

3. Will suppressing my information impact property resale?
Suppression of personal details may enhance privacy but might not directly affect the resale process itself.

4. Are there any exceptions to the disclosure regulations?
The disclosure regulations are generally stringent; however, specific circumstances may warrant exceptions, subject to legal considerations.

5. Can I appeal if my suppression request is denied?
Yes, individuals have the right to appeal decisions regarding suppression requests, following established procedures outlined by the relevant authorities.

You can find relevant forms to complete here

If you do wish to have your name and service address suppressed from data brokers’ and real-estate records, you can apply via the form on this link: