Understanding the Role of the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland Conveyancing

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Apr 24, 2024By Mint Legal Brisbane

Welcome to our guide on the role of the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland conveyancing. If you're involved in property transactions in Queensland, understanding the functions and responsibilities of the Office of Fair Trading is crucial for a smooth conveyancing process.

What is the Office of Fair Trading?

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is a government agency in Queensland responsible for regulating and overseeing various consumer protection laws, including those related to property transactions and conveyancing.

Role in Conveyancing

When it comes to conveyancing, the OFT plays a vital role in ensuring that all parties involved in property transactions adhere to the laws and regulations set forth to protect consumers. This includes monitoring compliance with the Property Occupations Act 2014 and the Agents Financial Administration Act 2014.

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Consumer Protection

One of the primary functions of the OFT in conveyancing is to safeguard the interests of consumers. This involves providing information and resources to help buyers and sellers understand their rights and obligations throughout the conveyancing process.

Licensing and Regulation

The OFT is also responsible for licensing and regulating real estate agents, property developers, and other professionals involved in property transactions. This ensures that these individuals and entities meet the necessary standards of conduct and competency.

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Dispute Resolution

In cases where disputes arise during the conveyancing process, the OFT may provide assistance in resolving conflicts between parties. This can involve mediation, investigation, and enforcement actions to address any breaches of legislation or misconduct.

Education and Guidance

Through its website, publications, and outreach activities, the OFT offers educational materials and guidance to help consumers and industry professionals navigate the complexities of conveyancing. This includes information on contracts, deposits, cooling-off periods, and more.

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Compliance Monitoring

The OFT actively monitors compliance with laws and regulations related to conveyancing, conducting audits and investigations to ensure that industry participants are operating within the legal framework and meeting their obligations.


Understanding the role of the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland conveyancing is essential for anyone involved in property transactions. By upholding consumer protection standards, regulating industry professionals, and providing guidance, the OFT plays a crucial part in maintaining the integrity of the conveyancing process.